Luxury Casino review : earn money with slot machines

It’s hit again. Facebook is flooded again with so-called ‘clickbait’ messages. These are messages with a catchy title, which makes it impossible for some people to hold back and click on the article. Then you end up on another website, where an attempt is made to advertise online casinos. Facebook hardly seems to do anything about it and some online casinos are actively doing something about it. This time it is Luxury Casino.

Luxury Casino publishes article full of untruths

This article is again full of untruths. The fact that Luxury Casino is paying to advertise this article on Facebook says it all. In this article we point out the untruths from the article paid by Luxury Casino. At the end you know enough. At Luxury Casino it’s better not to play. The opening sentence is actually correct. Yes, it is. We’re being bombarded with advertising for online casinos. On Twitter, Facebook and all kinds of web pages you can’t get around it. Sometimes it seems like everyone who gambles wins a lot of money. Of course, that’s not true. If you don’t play or lose, you’re really not the only one out. More gamblers lose than win. That’s the hallmark of gambling. A lot of players lose a bit, all those bits together make up the big prizes for the few winners. Of course, the online casino also has a lot of money left over. After all, they are commercial companies that want to make money. If they had to put money on it, then these online casinos would be bankrupt in no time. The fact that Sarah Matthews claims to have looked right through the nonsense is ridiculous. If there’s anything full of crap, it’s her article. After all, no online gambling sites are being tested by the government at all. The regulation in the Netherlands is scheduled for 1 January 2018. As of that date, online casinos have been tested and regulated by the Dutch Gaming Authority. Until then, no online casino is regulated by the Dutch government. Also Luxury Casino does not have a license from the Dutch government. You may take it easy on us and hold on to it as of January 1st 2018. Write it down: Luxury Casino is also never going to get a license from the Dutch Gaming Authority. Simply because Luxury Casino will never be able to meet the strict conditions.

Luxury Casino

In this passage even for Sarah Matthews’ do a lot of mistakes. That very few online casinos in the Netherlands are legal could be called an understatement with some sense of cynicism. There isn’t a single online casino in the Netherlands that is legal. Online gambling in the Netherlands will only become legal as of January 1, 2018. Until then, no online casino will be legal. Luxury Casino is very illegal in the UK. In Great Britain, online gambling is regulated by law. Britons are allowed to gamble online at online casinos licensed by the British Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission. Luxury Casino is not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Luxury Casino is licensed only in Kahnawake. That is an Indian reserve in Canada where you can get a license for a fee. Some unreliable online casinos, which cannot get a license elsewhere, make use of this service. Luxury Casino is not legalized in the Netherlands nor in the UK. This information is therefore not correct!